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250 000

commercial pigs

350 000

traded piglets

Groupe Cérès Inc. oversees the production of more than 350 000 piglets per year, fattens 250 000 commercial and breeding pigs, and generates more than 500 000 slaughter pigs for its partner Olymel via its contract production network, its independent customers, and its production alliances throughout Quebec.

Groupe Cérès Inc. continually respects its commitment to work with Canadian pigs.


A network that achieves the highest objectives

Groupe Cérès Inc. is always looking  for people that are interested in raising pigs on a contract basis for a credible and well-established swine production company in Quebec. We look for goal-driven and attentive breeders that care about animal welfare


If you share our vision and wish to be part of our team, do not hesitate to contact us.



HyLife Ltd., the largest swine producer in Canada, possesses more than 80 000 sows and produces 2 million slaughter pigs per year. Since 2005, Groupe Cérès has been responsible for their nutrition and their research and development departments.

Olymel is a leader in the food industry. They are proud of their Quebec origins, the impeccable quality of their products, and of their 15 000 employees. Olymel is motivated by their daily mission: together, we feed the world.


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Janin Boucher


Yvon Blanchette


Nadine Beaurivage


Renald Lavallée


Benoît Ménard


Robert Lefebvre

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Guy Robert

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