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25,000 gilts

sold annually

30 000 doses

of semen delivered every year

Groupe Cérès Inc. is the distributor for the world-leading companies in swine genetics, PIC and Fast Genetics, in Eastern Canada. 

Biosecurity is one of Groupe Cérès Inc.'s top priorities. Their team ensures that their network of multipliers maintains the highest biosecurity standards in order to secure supply. Farms are tested on a weekly basis and all of their sites have no neighbours within a 5 km radius. All transport routes, without exception, are controlled.


Groupe Cérès Inc. offers their customers management-level technical support  and nutritional recommendations to maximize their farms’ profitability.


Carefully Chosen Breeders

Maternal Lines

AcuFast has an excellent reputation and offers products that meet the high standards in today’s industry. They produce bloodlines of hyper-prolific females with superior health status.

AcuFast' product lines answer consumer demand by combining the competitive needs of commercial producers. AcuFast' maternal bloodlines offer prolific and balanced females with good conformation and milking abilities. They produce excellent litter sizes and wean a large number of piglets. These pigs fare well in finishing farms and meet expected results at slaughter.


Sow F276, a mix between Landrace and Large White A, is renowned for its ability to produce large litters of piglets with a high individual birth weight, parity after parity. This makes its productivity rate hard to beat.

  • Prolificity 

  • Versatility

  • Productivity

  • Maternal

Terminal lines

PIC produces a diverse range of males selected from a unique genetic improvement program that uses genomic science. PIC' selection process combines science and economics to optimize potential profits. Their three main criteria are: robust production, efficiency and carcass value.  

Since recently associating with Mollevang Genetics, PIC has introduced a remarkable Duroc population to its scheme and now offers the greatest genetic diversity of the Duroc breed in the world.

PIC 380

Boar PIC 380, is the best choice for producers who want an easily manageable breed with exceptional meat characteristics that provides the yields of our most efficient ranges.

  • Exceptional meat quality

  • High value carcass 

  • Robustness and viability

  • Excellent feed conversion

PIC 800

Boar PIC 800 is the ideal terminal boar for slaughterhouses looking for a Duroc with the best yield of primary cuts while offering producers a breed with the lowest production cost available.

  • Exceptional meat quality

  • High value carcass 

  • Excellent profitability

  • Improved hardiness

PIC 337_edited.jpg
PIC 337

PIC 337 is the best choice for producers wanting to benefit from a superior product with exceptional daily lean growth and good feed efficiency at heavy weights.

  • Lean gain efficiency

  • Reduced fattening period 

  • Superior conversion

  • High weight yield


AcuFast, a North American company, is a leader in the field of swine genetics. They provide high quality world-class breeds that meet the needs of local producers.

PIC, another leader in genetic technologies, offers exceptional innovative services. They are the biggest supplier of continuous genetic improvements for swine supply chains in the world.


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Janin Boucher


Benoît Ménard

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Dan Bussières

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Guy Robert


J-P Martineau

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Francis Brodeur

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Alain Leblond

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