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14 330 tonnes

of micros and premixes produced/year

11 800 tonnes

of feed ingredients sold/year



Nutrition Athena Inc.’s HCCP certified manufacturing factory opened in 2013 in Saint-Elzéar, Beauce. Today, it employs nearly 10 workers that have up to 20 years of experience. Every year they produce over 5400 tonnes of premixes and micro-premixes that are used on farms and by feed mills to make complete feed. In total, 9600 tonnes of ingredients are sold every year.

Nutrition Athena Inc. primarily operates in the swine and poultry sectors but also manufactures various products for the dairy sector. Their two independent production lines, their dust collectors, as well as their commitment to workplace health and safety are what set them apart.  



Nouveau_Sans fond.png

Groupe Cérès Inc. became co-owner of the Shakespeare Mills Inc. factory in 2015. They produce nearly 10 000 tonnes of micros and premixes, as well as all the ingredients and medicinal additives needed to make feed for pigs and other livestock.

The factory is located along a railroad, which allows us to transfer 54 600 tonnes in bulk each year. There are three 100 tonnes silos plus another 10 silos for a total storage capacity of 2800 tonnes. Our facilities allow us to load and unload at a rate of 200 tonnes per hour.

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