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Feeding of small and fall-back piglets

Importance of particle size and proper analysis

Corn analysis for crop 2017

Factor and solutions to tail docking

Corn classes impact on nursery performance 

Control of post-weaning diarrhea by limiting substrates for colonization of E. Coli bacteria

Linear feeder space required

Slowing the growth of finisher pigs

Impact of blood plasma on performance of pigs during the nursery phase

Measuring the back fat of the sow

Miza-PF - Prevent stillbirths

Ear's necrosis

New economic values for dried distillers grains with solubles in pig feed (updated)

Water quality in swine production

Feed withdrawal prior to slaughter

Benefit of using Phytovia Vitis in lactation diet on performance (The)

Corn weight and nutritional value

Umbilical and scrotal/inguinal hernias - causes and solutions


Swine nutrition companies unite to support producers

Communiqué Tendances des marchés (Mars 2022) - FR

FarmHouse and Groupe Cérès join forces on animal nutrition

Miza (programme de moulée en pouponnière) - FR

Pigknows Athéna - FR

Porcs en attente (stratégie d'alimentation) - FR

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