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Did you know that Groupe Cérès provides 25 000 gilts to Eastern Canadian swine producers and delivers more than 30 000 doses of semen through Quebec's Porcine Insemination Center every year? Groupe Cérès and their partners run a significant research and development program in Quebec and  Western Canada. Their competent and professional team offers data analysis and performance monitoring services using PigKnows software. Groupe Cérès owns two premix factories (in Quebec and Ontario) and is also the owner and manager of a swine herd network that produces over 250 000 slaughter pigs per year in Quebec. Moreover, Groupe Cérès and their partners collectively generate the production of more than 350 000 piglets every year.


Janin Boucher, agr.



Groupe Cérès' mission is to advise canadian swine producers and to offer a full range of services according to an independent integration model that gives them the full latitude they need to manage their business according to their values and objectives.  

Founded in 2004 by agronomists Janin Boucher and Dan Bussières, Groupe Cérès offers services in all sectors of the swine industry: genetics, nutrition, feed production, research, management and network production. Groupe Cérès serves customers from Quebec, Ontario, the Maritimes, and Western Canada, out of their head office which is located in Levis, Quebec. 

Dan Bussières, agr.

Quality Genetic

Groupe Cérès distributes quality genetic products that enable their customers to reach their performance objectives. In addition to making biosecurity their number one concern, Groupe Cérès offers technical support at the management level and nutritional recommendations to maximize herd profitability.

Feed and Nutrition

Nutrition Athéna offers complete feeds, micromixes and macromixes, as well as all the ingredients and medicinal additives needed to make feed for pigs. Their experienced team supports producers by developing cost-effective feed programs and formulations that are tailored to their needs.

Research and Development

Groupe Cérès, in collaboration with their partners, is a leader in research and development in Canada. They are committed to validating all their recommendations in the field. Transparency about test results whether in breeding management, feed and nutrition, health or reproduction, is a fundamental value for Groupe Cérès.

Network Production

Groupe Cérès is a major player in the swine industry in Quebec. With a well-developed and well-organized network, they send no less than 350 000 pigs to slaughter in Quebec every year. Groupe Cérès works with several animal wellfare conscious producers and renowned transporters.




Contact us

For any questions, call us at 1-866-341-0110 or send us an email using the space below.


845, route Marie-Victorin

Unit 02

Lévis (Québec)  G7A 3S8

Phone: 418-831-6070

Free of charge: 1-866-341-0110

Fax: 418-831-2377

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