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Over 4.5 million pigs

Whose nutrition is influenced by our EXPERTISE 

Nutrition Athéna Inc., a division of Groupe Cérès Inc. that was created in 2008, has the mission of giving swine producers access to high-performance feed products while using an approach that keeps prices very competitive.

The expertise of Nutrition Athéna Inc. influences the nutrition of more than 4.5 million pigs or the equivalent of 1.5 million tonnes of feed per year in Canada. Our team of three experienced agronomists offers a tailored advisory service in formulation and feed program development.


Quality products with competitive prices.

Nutrition Athéna Inc. offers complete feeds, micromixes and macromixes as well as all the ingredients and medicinal additives needed to make feed for pigs.

Our delivery network supplies all of Quebec. Weekly, we deliver 2800 tonnes of complete feeds that have been manufactured at competitive costs to ensure the best quality-price ratio.

Multiple technical services available.
  • Booking and grain purchasing via Berthiaume Nutrition inc.

  • Technical support by an experienced team

  • Formulation and development of feed programs adapted to your needs.

  • Laboratory services (nutritional, water, toxins and granulometry analyses).


HyLife Ltd. is the largest swine producer in Canada possessing more than 80 000 sows and producing 2 million slaughter pigs per year. Since 2005, Groupe Cérès has been leading their nutrition and their research and development departments. Together, they influence the nutrition of more than 4 million pigs or the equivalent of 1.5 million tonnes of complete feed per year in Canada.

Excell Porcs, founded in 2006, is driven by a passion for agriculture and customer service. They provide multiple services and carry a wide range of products geared toward pig nutrition that exceed industry standards when it comes to quality control.


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Dan Bussières


Benoît Ménard


J-P Martineau

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Guy Robert


Marc-Olivier Laprise

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Francis Brodeur

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Alain Leblond

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